I want you... to be in my club :)

This is an invitation.

I have a club. And I want you to join.

It's called the Adventurer club.

When: always.
Where: anywhere.
Why: oh oh oh, I have a Pinterest picture for this one :) because...

How: be being REAL and SHINY.
Who: those who are brave enough to be REAL.

There. You are officially invited. Are you willing to join?


Alrighty, go to this page.

Have a lovely day :]

Love, Emma


maybe a little is okay

 i was in the shower, shaving ( tmi?), when i realized how awesome my calf muscles are. i thought this is worth a facebook status when i realized it may be seen as a little vain. and then i thought, you know what? i think its okay to be a little vain sometimes. i think sometimes you need to embrace how amazing you are and let the world know. because basically, you rock and everyone oughta know that.

so maybe you should say, "i rock" just a few more times during the day.



would you change a sunset?

i posted this on my private blog but wanted to share it with you. if you'd like an invite to my blog let me know. anyways...

i'm a very opinionated person, i don't always share my opinion, but when i do... you get a blog post like this.

i am so sick. sick and tired. with everything really.
when asked 'if you could, what would you change about yourself?'
my feet, one might say.
my height, another.
i'm too fat, two might add.
i wish my eyes weren't as far apart, she may state.
etc. etc.
why would you ever want to change anything about you?
would you change a sunset? what about the view over-looking the valley? no, you wouldn't. so why, in a million years, would you want to change you?
you were created by the same devine being that created this earth and the next earth and the next.
everything about His creations are perfect. absolutely perfect. do you really think you are anything less? do you think He would let you be anything less than perfect. no.

it's hard. i know it is. i've been there. every morning i'd do my hair and put on my favorite shirt, hoping someone would notice. foryears i thought, if i could be a little taller and skinnier, or have straight hair, or the perfect skin. maybe i'd feel better. then i'd be happy. then i'd be happy.
was i? no. am i taller? not much. skinner? no. straight hair? nope, still curly as can be. and my skin is far from perfect. but i found peace in knowing i was meant to be this way. it took years. days i thought i was the most terrible looking thing on the planet. until one day i decided to change. i decided i didn't care what others thought of me, they thought i was ugly, that's there problem. it wasn't for me to worry about anymore.

you want change, make it change. if you don't change anything but expect a different result, you are insane. (in*sane [in-seyn] doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.)
i hear too often people complain about their body weight but do nothing to change it. you want to look good in your swimsuit? go on a run, do a few crunches. don't just sit there hoping something will change. it won't. unless you make it change.

i told myself every day, i am beautiful. until eventually, i believed it. 

the world today is too busy focusing on what house we live in or what clothes we wear. we've lost the value of beauty. who cares what color you're hair is or what you weigh. if you're happy, others will see the real beauty in you. and if they don't? to heck with them, they don't matter anyway. they are going to try to tear you down, but it only means you are above them.

you're going to have those days. days where you don't feel so hot. but don't let those days become weeks, or those weeks become months. don't let one bad day affect how the rest of your life goes. you have a bad day, make an effort to make the next day absolutely amazing.

words cannot express how strongly i feel about this topic. you are worth it. you are beautiful. you are the most amazing thing out there.
be yourself, love yourself. don't try to fit in. why would you want to? you were born to stand out. please. please. plleeeaase. this isn't something i can do for you. or something you can buy with your next pair of jeans. it's something you decide. for yourself. you must do it. you must.

the day you can walk up to a mirror, with your hair pulled back and sportin' an old tee, and look yourself in the eyes and see the artwork He created, and tell yourself, "i am beautiful. i am perfect." is the greatest day ever. it's the day you realize who you are and what you're worth. because you're worth more than the moon and back.



Living the dream? Yes sirree :)

So you know how this blog is all about living your dreams? Well, guess what! I'm living my dream right now! I'll be a published (fiction) author in just two (almost three) months. Can you believe it?! I'm so excited.

So here's the FB page for my book! Like it, share it! It'd be most appreciated.


define who YOU are

it's a topic that's been on my mind a lot lately. i think, we, as girls struggle. thinking we need to fit in, be accepted by the world. society puts us in a tough spot making us believe one thing when the truth is the exact opposite.

truth is, you're never going to look like this:


we are all different. we were created that way. it's okay. 

don't let others define who you are. you are soooo amazing, don't lose that charm by trying to be like the rest of them. don't worry about fitting in or what the others will think. because, odds are, they are just jealous that you are confidant enough to be yourself. 

so i challenge you,

fruit loops are more fun anyway. :)